Time Revolution Serum
Time Revolution Serum

Time Revolution Serum

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Forming a deep lamination hydrated moisture, it prevents moisture from being released and restores naturally smooth moistened skin.

Alleviating Skin Problems
Contains antibiotic effects which limits inflammation caused by unwanted pimples, along side keeping secretion of sebums down to a minimum.

Enhancing Skin Texture
Delivering proper hydration and nutrition to skin cells provides a positive effect of minimized pores, strengthening the elasticity of the skin. A lifting effect will be achieved while contouring the face. Experiencing formation of collagen in the hypodermis.

Illuminating Skin 
Incorporating highly concentrated algae extracts with organic plant-based brightening elements resulting in noticeably relieving pigmentation due to age and UV damage. Obtaining luminously flawless skin.

Minimum use suggested 29 days. 3 month supply per order.

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